Yuka in VIPme Mini Dress in Tokyo

The post is originally from Yuka Iwasaki, reviewing VIPme Knitted Insert Body-Conscious Mini Dress

Although I have not been to Tokyo in about ten years, the moment I saw this hat I knew I had to get it. I’ve got to represent my hometown, after all. Being biracial, and also growing up in a country that my parents were not born in, I have a lot of love for all 3 places. Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Taipe will always be near and dear to my heart.

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Thank you Vipme for sending me this fun colorblocked mini dress. A mini like this calls for some equally fun accessories to go with it. The hat and the extra wide choker really did the trick. I love how the ribbing and the colorblock gives the dress a double stripe effect, clashing in the most beautiful way. One of my favorite looks to play with this season is pairing a mini dress with clean white sneakers. It automatically gives off a cool girl vibe, and looks super modern. Vipme has tons of mini dresses to choose from, all of them the perfect candidates to wear with sneakers.

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