A screaming beauty: Watch American drama to learn hairstyles


Recently an American drama called Scream Queen is really hot. Although it is a horror comedy show, fashion elements espcially her unique hairstyles in the drama pique people’s interest. Hollywood start Emma Roberts is one of the leading characters in the show.

Hairstyles is one of the most impressive part in the drama
Leading characters of Scream Queens

As a main figure in the Kappa House, the fashionable Emma out-stands not only in dressing, but her hairstyles also receive great attention from the fans. Emma Roberts is called Chanel Oberlin in the show, the chairman of Kappa House, who is pretty but ruthless. Blond hair makes Emma looked like a real Barbie. However, her bad temper and beautiful appearance are noticeably incompatible with each other. That why she is charming and we would like to talk about her, specially her hairstyles.

make hairstyles like characters in scream queens
How to style your hair, step one
make hairstyles like characters in scream queens
how to style your hair, step two

The way to create a Barbie half-tie hairstyles:
Step 1: Use curling iron to make curly hair.
Step 2: Choose a strand of hair into a fishtail braid and fixed, and repeat it on the other side.
Step 3: Tie both sides of the fishtail braid behind the head to be a slipknot.
Step 4: Fix the slipknot with hairpin to perform a left and a right symmetrical knot.

Hairstyles like characters in scream queens
French low bun in Scream Queens

Besides, Chanel frequently sets French low bun, which she matches it on important occasions to show her nobility. The way to create a French low-bun hairstyle:
Step 1: Comb hair on top reverse fluffy.
Step 2: Tie a low ponytail behind. You can left a few strands of hair in the front, or let the hair combs meticulously like the heroine.
Step 3: Rotate your ponytail in the same direction, in order to better tie into a bun.
Step 4: Fix the slipknot with hairpin, and strengthen it with a small amount of hair gel.



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