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Today we take a look back at an era of great importance in how our fashion comes to be the way it is today. The 1960s fashion was the main theme being rebelling against traditional norms. Social movements have exerted long-lasting impact on the way we view fashion and how it is interlinked with our social awareness. The 1960s became a time fashion was to be revolutionized and driven mainly by young people, their frustration on society and expectations of the future directly influenced the clothing industry which we will be introducing to you today.1960s Fashion a group of young men

1960s Fashion and Women’s Liberation

1960s fashion ladiesTraits of the 1960s fashion are still popular today. Bikini came to be known by the fashion industry in 1963 and became an unstoppable phenomenon thereafter. The reason behind this phenomenon was that there was an awakening in women’s consciousness about the role they have gradually evolved into by the 1960s. Young western ladies were increasingly outspoken about their frustration of gender inequality and the best way for them to cast aside traditional prejudices would be exposure of more skin. Mini Skirt popularized by Mary Quant was also a product of this consciousness and is something that still hasn’t gone out of fashion today. Capri Trousers were a symbol of young women and girls for their casual looks. Slim blue jeans were in fashion and were no longer a privilege enjoyed only by men; women wore jeans to reflect their independence and energy.

1960s Hippie Movement and Its Impact

1960s fashion - young ladiesAs the government hailed massive intervention in Vietnam and got dragged into an apparently unwinnable conflict just like the way we are in the Middle East today, the younger generation became increasingly disillusioned and asked a number of fundamental questions about their role in society. This disillusionment became known as the Hippie Movement which had overshadowed the 1960s fashion industry. In the mid-1960s, British Fashion invaded America with the Beatles in the forefront. Girls were so in love with mini skirts that they couldn’t resist the temptation of the popular “childlike dress” styles. Fabrics such as PVC, sequins and polyester became more accepted by people in how dresses were made. The wide spread popularity of Bohemian style clothing was part of the 1960s Hippie Movement in which elements such as flowers and tights were first added into mainstream fashion. As hippies put up banners and yelled slogans for peace, many women also promoted fashion styles like love beads, peace signs, medallion necklaces, polka dot-printed fabrics and long puffed bubble sleeves to reflect their individuality.1967-Summer-of-Love-Wardrobe-Inspiration-2

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