VIPme Romantic Floral Dress

This article is originally generated by Camilla Sentuti, reviewing VIPme Maxi Printed Dress

What clothing can’t miss from our closet this summer? As a certified shopping addict, I could list you an infinite number of clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes… but today I want to focus your attention on the maxi dress. Yes, because this summer we will wear it and combine it in so many different ways.

vipme casual dresses in detail

From high heels, for a more sophisticated and elegant look, to low sandals and sneakers for the casual lovers. I personally prefer the last two options because they are easier to combine and, above all, extremely comfortable!!
Lately I’ve been buying them in many different variants (as you should too!!), but the model you are seeing today in the pictures has literally won me over. I found it on VIPme, an online store where you can find interesting fancy dresses and experiment with your look. I went for this super soft long chiffon dress with a floral pattern and long sleeves. Pair it with a comfortable pair of shoes and you are ready to walk the streets of New York and face the summer in the coolest way 🙂
As a female fashion website, VIPme empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner “me”.

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What do you feel about Camila’s style and her dresses? Do you want to have the same gorgeous floral printed maxi dress? Shop on VIPme now!

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