VIPme Review: SUMMER FAVES of Asian Style

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My summer series continues with more season favorites and this time around a new discovery- the worlds largest flash-sale sight, VIPme. When they first reached out and asked me to style some of their pieces and review my experience with their online store. Of course, after looking through some of their adorable selects, I said HECK YES!

VIP-me-white-skirt-02 VIP-me-white-skirt-01

Their online store offers something quite different than the mainstream alternatives, including a variety of asian influenced styles, edgier styles influenced by the runway and on-trend pieces for the present fashionista. The only downside for me was trying to figure out sizing, since this was my first time ordering through them. After receiving my items however, I feel confident ordering in the future. Their sizes are cut with European sizing in mind, which if you’re in the US means sizing up one full size. (Example: if you normally wear a S order a size M).

VIP-me-blue-dress-03 VIP-me-blue-dress-02 VIP-me-blue-dress-01 VIPme

The items arrived in a beautiful box, colorful and well branded. I was eager to see what the quality would be like and I was pleasantly surprised. The skirt and dress were both cut very nice, with tight seams that lined up, etc. The materials were comfortable and easy to wear.

VIPme shoes VIPme outfit VIPme dress VIPme dress size VIPme dress detail VIPme bags

Here I’m wearing the VIPMe A-line Lace Dress

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