VIPme Review – Printed Style for 50s, 60s, and 70s

The post is originally from Jodie Filogomo, reviewing VIPme Green Natural Silk Printed Half Sleeve Shift Dress , Black Casual Ruched Sleeve Printed Silk Tunic and Asymmetric Printed Silk Midi Dress.VIPme Printed Dress Review

I’m not an artist and I don’t even play one on television. However, I can certainly appreciate the beauty of gorgeous paintings! As I’ve said many times, I’m always on the lookout for great clothing for us older women that look great and are within a reasonable price range. When I was reading Kileen’s blog post back in June, I fell in love with the print of her dress. And I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it wasn’t super expensive.

As I looked through VIPme’s website I ogled over so many of the items because of the prints and materials of their pieces. It was obvious that they do not market to us older women when looking at the age their models. But that didn’t deter me! I think so many of their items would be fun, not only for the youngsters, but also for us oldsters!

Jodie’s (50’s)  Outfit: The green of this Green Natural Silk Printed Half Sleeve Shift Dress is what drew me to it….I have nothing like it in my closet, so I felt it’d be a good challenge! They have the same dress in yellow, but I already have a yellow dress! I had a couple options for shoes to wear for the summer months. These sandals are my go-to in the neutral category, but I also could have worn my white sandals or my blush patent sandals. For the cooler months, I could substitute my sandals with black or grey pumps!VIPme Review Green Natural Silk Printed Half Sleeve Shift Dress
The dress comes with a slip that is attached throughout the body of the dress making it quite modest. The sleeves are sheer and I love the trim on the collar & sleeves.Detail of VIPme Green Natural Silk Printed Half Sleeve Shift Dress

Nancy’s (60’s)  Outfit: I’ve always thought that the dresses with the different colored panels down the sides are so flattering. And that’s what this piece reminds me of with the portrait in the middle. For this dressy look, I had Nancy wear a pencil skirt under it, but you could also layer it over a shift dress.This Black Casual Ruched Sleeve Printed Silk Tunic is extremely popular, and we were  lucky to get one!VIPme Review Black Casual Ruched Sleeve Printed Silk Tunic

Since it is sold out at this moment, I still recommend taking a look at their site and to find a similar style like this black mini dress—it’s the same pattern, it just doesn’t have the rushing or elastic on it (that I show below).I tried to get a closer view of the print because the flower at the woman’s nose has beading on it, and the yellow flower under it has sequins. This is one of those pieces that would be perfect for those of you who do not love to accessorize.

Charlotte’s (70’s)  Outfit: I picked this Asymmetric Printed Silk Midi Dress for mom, for a couple reasons. I love that it buttons down the front, so it could also be worn as a duster!  For the dressy look, I had mom wear a black skirt & black tank. Mom could have also layered this piece over a dress! The details I love so much about it, is, of course, the print, but also a couple of other things. The trim down the button panel is a ribbon like material. This trim is also around the armband hems. It’s a hi-lo hem and thus hangs lower in the back. And then it has the beige panels of material on the side to break up the print.This particular piece is very sheer, so I doubt you would wear it by itself.VIPme Review of Asymmetric Printed Silk Midi Dress

Then again, the sheerness is cooler for the hotter weather. It could be your kimono, or jacket when going to an air conditioned place. I left the sleeves down which is just below the elbows for those of you that prefer a little longer coverage. The material is silk, so a good reminder is that it doesn’t have stretch in it…another reason to go up a size. We buttoned just the top button, so we’d have the black line of the outfit continuing down the front for contrast. Since it’s summer, I had mom wear the beige shoes for a lighter effect! But black pumps would be fine also.Details of Asymmetric Printed Silk Midi Dress

VIPme is offering more accessibility for your shopping needs on your phone – available for iPhone and Android.  Also, be sure to check out this video as they send the message across to be yourself in every way possible.

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VIPme is a subsidiary of, the largest flash sale online retailer in the world, listed on NYSE under VIPS. We are committed to providing quality fashion products at reasonable prices to discerning fashion customers.Our parent company has over 160 million registered members in China. Now we are welcoming customers in North America to join the party.

We are selling a wide variety of products ranged from fashion apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, to small home products, and cool gadgets.

VIPme is the best place to pamper a VIP fashionista like you.

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