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If you’ve been following me for awhile here on The Nomis Niche you’ve probably noticed that I love my neutrals. But, I ALSO love to break out and throw on some color and when I do I go 100 percent. This buttefly patched organza dress is from VIPme and it’s basically the epitome of summer dresses. Not only is the color an eye-catcher… the butterflies are actually sewn on to look like they’re flying off of you! I love when I find unique dresses like this, especially ones that end up being conversation starters.

butterfly dress vipme vipme bag

If you haven’t tried VIPme before you really should check them out. They have basically everything available on their site, but I was particularly drawn to the dresses which are perfect for work and/or special occasions. Also, their handbags really are unbelievable. When it arrived at my door I was pretty blown away by the quality. Affordable and well-made? Yes please! I’m in love with this little pale blue purse that I received. It also comes with a shoulder strap, which I’ll be using when I take this around to run errands (eh ehm… shopping). Speaking of shopping, you can shop VIPme right from your phone using their app click HERE for iOS and HERE for Android.

vipme yellow dress vipme outfit vipme dress vipme casual outfit vipme casual dress

Another reason to check out VIPme is because they’ve started this great social media initiative called #UniquelyMe. As a female fashion website, VIPme is positioning as a platform that empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner “me”. If you’re in the mood for a beautiful video – check out this one they’ve posted on their facebook page.

butterfly dress casual dress

If you don’t have time to watch it now, click the link then bookmark it to watch later. I love how it celebrates all different forms of beauty from across every age, religion and country.

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