VIPme Review: Blue Floral Crochet Sheath Dress

The post is originally from Mariann Yip, reviewing VIPme Blue Floral Crochet Short Sleeve Sheath Mini Dress.
I recently received this beautiful Blue Floral Crochet Short Sleeve Sheath Mini Dress from VIPme and I am so excited to share my review on the product and website. Like many women, I love wearing dresses for special occasions because there’s something special and rewarding about the process of getting ready and dolled up for an event. I don’t know if you are like me, but I often fall in love with a dress, wear it once and won’t wear it again. Now it’s not because I don’t like the dress, but I tend to feel like that dress was made for a specific occasion and I like to keep my memory for that. And nowadays, I hate the thought of being photographed wearing the same dress for another engagement as I always want to wear something new. Comment below if you can relate!VIPme Review Blue Floral Crochet Short Sleeve Sheath Mini DressWhen I first chose this dress, I didn’t have an event in mind, but I was blown away by how beautiful the material, style and fit of the dress looked online. First of all, the color is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t own anything like this in my closet and I knew it was going to be a statement piece that I would treasure forever. The style is not too elaborate or fancy enough that it would limit me from wearing this to a specific event. I thought about all the occasions I can get away with wearing this including weddings, birthday parties, gatherings and blogger events and I can totally see myself rocking it. Secondly, I knew that it was a dress that was going to make me feel beautiful and confident and those are two feelings that I think every woman should have and embrace on a daily basis. And I wasn’t wrong at all! Once I received this dress in the mail,  I tried it on and felt like an angel. I am very happy with my choice of style and it makes me look forward to purchasing and receiving more products from VIPme.VIPme Review of Blue Floral Crochet Short Sleeve Sheath Mini Dress

For those of you who are wondering, VIPme is a branch of VIP.COM, the largest flash sale online retailer in the world. There are many categories of products to choose from including clothing, lingerie, home goods, tech accessories, accessories and handbags. The website is very easy to navigate and user friendly, which I appreciate. The best part is that all of the items are pretty affordable! I am judging the dress’s quality by what I received, but so far I have come to the conclusion that the products are high quality! The material doesn’t feel cheap at all and I think the price is very reasonable and justifiable. I also love that the website looks extremely professional and all of the items are trendy, fashionable and in season. I feel like the range is great and you can definitely find something that fits your personality and preference of style.Blue Floral Crochet Short Sleeve Sheath Mini Dress with VIPme

If you prefer to shop on your phone, you can download the VIPme app here for IOS and for Android.

“As a female fashion website, VIPme is positioning as a platform that empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and to cherish the inner “me”.”

I love their mission statement and everything they have to stand for. I also wanted to share their video called I AM #UniquelyME, and you can view it here. I really admire companies who go out of their way to promote their message and VIPme is a great company that I’ve come to admire.

❤ VIPme Profile ❤
VIPme is a subsidiary of, the largest flash sale online retailer in the world, listed on NYSE under VIPS. We are committed to providing quality fashion products at reasonable prices to discerning fashion customers.Our parent company has over 160 million registered members in China. Now we are welcoming customers in North America to join the party.

We are selling a wide variety of products ranged from fashion apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, to small home products, and cool gadgets.

VIPme is the best place to pamper a VIP fashionista like you.

If you have any question, be free to contact us:


Address: Vipshop (US), Inc. 2550 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134, USA

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