VIPme Review: Black Floral Sheer Midi Dress

The post is originally from Olivia Fleming, reviewing VIPme Black Floral Sheer Sleeve Transparent Midi Dress.VIPme Review of Black Floral Embroidered Sheer Sleeve Midi Dress

When In Rome…VIPme Review Black Floral Sheer Sleeve Transparent Midi Dress

Though I’ve never been to Rome, I’ve often dreamed about it, and being a quarter Roman, I believe that the city streets of one of Italy’s greatest city will always be alive in my veins. There’s such a beautiful romance associated with that ancient city, from towering ruins, to the tracks of human history written between each crumbling cobblestone underfoot.

VIPme Review of Black Floral Sheer Sleeve Transparent Midi Dress
This charming Black Mesh Floral Dress from VIPme reminds me so much of the beautiful essence of Rome, mixing mysterious attraction, with the utmost elegance. With a two paneled black slip underneath an embroidered sheer exterior, this lovely dress can transition from an evening dinner, to nightly cocktails, and a midnight stroll in the sparkling city streets. It has just the right length for sandals, block, or pumps, flowing down in a waterfall of lace just above the ankles. This dress is truly a showstopper– I got so many compliments while wearing it, that I couldn’t even count them all– and your perfect accent for a truly timeless city.Black Floral Sheer Sleeve Transparent Midi Dress with VIPme

VIPme houses beautiful, top quality products exclusively from top designers all over China. Recognized for their styling and quality fashions, VIPme is becoming one of the largest flash sale online retailers in the world! I have tried many products from VIPme, and have been nothing but thrilled with the items I have received. Shop more their amazing designs now!VIPme Review Black Floral Embroidered Sheer Sleeve Midi Dress

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VIPme is a subsidiary of, the largest flash sale online retailer in the world, listed on NYSE under VIPS. We are committed to providing quality fashion products at reasonable prices to discerning fashion customers.Our parent company has over 160 million registered members in China. Now we are welcoming customers in North America to join the party.

We are selling a wide variety of products ranged from fashion apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, to small home products, and cool gadgets.

VIPme is the best place to pamper a VIP fashionista like you.

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Address: Vipshop (US), Inc. 2550 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95134, USA

2 thoughts on “VIPme Review: Black Floral Sheer Midi Dress

  1. This is beautiful! I found it on another site but it had sold out, so i’m pleased they still have them left on the VIP site! You look stunning. Would you mind me asking what size you ordered?

    1. Hi Sammy

      Thanks for your comment! The dress would be sold out very soon. If I were you, I will order it ASAP, LOL.
      Regarding the size, according to a large number of our clients, our size is running smaller. Thus, pls select a larger size than you actually are.


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