Vintage Vibe with VIPme Color Block Chiffon Dress

The post is originally from Carolyn McGraw , reviewing VIPme Striped Contrast Color Chiffon Swing Dress.VIPme Striped Contrast Color Chiffon Swing Dress

Whenever I am out and about in New York City, I always want to look good. The summer heat has made that somewhat difficult, but thankfully, Striped Chiffon Swing Dress from VIPme has come to the rescue. It’s light, flowy, and breathable. Though I love crop tops and short shorts in the height of summer, I much prefer a classier look if I am going anywhere important or want to make an impression.VIPme Striped Contrast Color Chiffon Flare DressVIPme Striped Chiffon Swing Dress

In the world of fashion, I am usually more interested in expressing my own style rather than keeping on top of every trend. Color blocking is a classic look that is never “in” or “out,” but rather a consistently solid style choice for anyone. It’s a great way to show off some of your favorite color combinations, pair some unusual colors together, and can come in many forms and silhouettes.Striped Chiffon Swing Dress from VIPme

Though black is my usual “go-to” color, I think navy trumps black as summer’s perfect dark tone. It goes great with other neutrals, bright colors, pastels, and even earth tones. Since this dress has such a vintage vibe and day-dress type silhouette, I paired it with an unusually shaped straw summer hat that matched the navy tones. It was a grab from a vendor in a vintage shop local to my home upstate. Hats are one hundred percent underrated, and vintage hats even more so. I thought this hat shape really worked with my haircut from the get go.Striped Contrast Color Chiffon Swing Dress with VIPme

To match the orange tones of the dress, I accessorized with a pair of bright velvet sunnies. I used to really dislike orange, but I came to embrace its various shades a few years ago when I discovered how to wear it. In this case, it compliments the blocks of navy perfectly, and pops paired with a grey. I added a touch of white accessories too – a ribbon belt to cinch the waist and beaded earrings – to match the streak in my hair.VIPme Striped Contrast Color Chiffon DressStriped Contrast Color Chiffon Swing Dress from VIPme

Overall its a very “matchy” outfit, but I love it when things go together so well!

VIPme is offering more accessibility for your shopping needs on your phone – available for iPhone and Android.  Also, be sure to check out this video as they send the message across to be yourself in every way possible.

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