Veinfuns Designer Brand: Dreamlike Design by a Dreaming Girl

A young designer Anna Yeung Man Hyun, has a fantasy world in her dreams and presents what she has dreamed at night in her designs. The most impressive features of Veinfuns dress is the imaginative pattern and the dreamlike colors. Here I would like to introduce 4 of Anna’s splendid works to you. Check it out on VIPme for more elegant designed products!

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Dresses For Mature Ladies

This Veinfuns Silk-linen Shift Dress is bright in color. The background is sketches of metropolis around the world while an oriental female face, a fish and a giraffe overlap in the front. It seems like an unusual scene but actually it represents Anna’s imagination that there could be something amazing in the routine urban life. If you are looking for shift dresses, come and view our previous blog about shift dresses.VIPme Veinfuns Floral Printed Silk-linen Midi Dress

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A flock of flamingos are printed on the Veinfuns Shirt Dress and are eye-catching on the contrasting dark background. It is inspired by one of Anna’s dreams after she came back from a zoo, watching the flamingos being confined to a small area. At that night she had a dream that the flamingos are relieved and return to the nature. It implies that only when creatures get back to where they belong can the most beautiful scene by created. Anna’s affection for the nature can explain why from material selection to manufacturing process, Veinfuns designer insists being environmental friendly. Shirt dresses are the most slimming item in summer. Click and check more iconic shirt dress outfits!VIPme Veinfuns Flamingo Printed Silk Midi Dress

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Veinfuns Dresses For Young Girls

Tropical fruits have always been one of most popular fashion elements in the Summer. For Anna, summer has always been synonymous with lush plants. Thus, tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya and guava are printed among the verdant leaves, making this Veinfuns A-line Dress perfect for a summer outing.VIPme Veinfuns Green Floral printed Silk-blend Mini DressIn addition to colorful designs, Anna also looks favorably on solid color items. This Veinfuns Chiffon Dress‘s embryo is what the goddesses wear in Raphael’s paintings, with the design of boat neck and pleats. Moreover, she adds a chiffon shirt design on the top, which is chic and ease away the classical feeling.VIPme Veinfuns Turndown Collar 34 Sleeve Plain Silk Mini Dress

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It is revealed by scientific researches that human’s dreams are usually monochrome. However, Anna’s dreams are full of glittering colors, mysterious creatures and gorgeous illuminations. “For me, dreams are treasures,” said Anna.


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