Trend to try: veil beanie

Veil beanie is definitely not some novelty, neither has it been runway fashion, since 2012 Jil Sander started a comeback of this chic contraption on the collection at Fashion Week. Thanks to Chanel Spring 2015 couture show, the contemporary craze of veil beanie seemed to be gearing up again for full-blown exposure.

The Unexpected Accessory: IS Veil Beanie Dated?

veil beanie is shown on a cat walk show

Women who love veil beanie believe that covering up the face with sheer fine black fabric is mysterious and yet a very modern option for hiding a little, but not too much. Some might think it might be too fancy and overly-featured. However, it does not stop the veil’s popping up everywhere.

Runway Version

The collection of Jil Sander at Fashion Week. Striking the perfect balance between being wearable, beautiful and straight-up wacky, these beanies are everything that you would expect from a modern couture show.
veil beanie could also works with various types of earrings
Stylish withstanding out earrings and with either a subdued, feminine or romantic, heavy make-up.
This is one of the most attractive type of veil beanie
It’s an eclectic mash-up of the laidback cosy beanie hat with a net veil more suited to a classic pillbox, turning out to be a fashion hit.


Fashion icon Rihanna is a fan of veil beanie

As a fashion icon, Rihanna would never miss the fad. Veil beanies make all sense on her as well.
Fashion blogger Anna Dello Russo wear veil beanieFrom street-style stars like Anna Dello Russo to fashion bloggers and to any other girls in-between, everyone was wearing them. Susanna Lau, the blogger of one of the most successful and widely recognized of its type.


Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni with her rose red veil beanie
Chiara Ferragni, the blogger and author of The Blonde Salad.Look at what she put up, the beanie wors perfectly with the apparel while the tint was harmonious.


This blue veil beanie matches well with the blue coat
The old-school veils have been covering stars from all decades These street-ready versions could meet to our contemporary demands.
Classic classic of veil beanie
Though classic veils are perceived to be better left to red-carpet stars and old Hollywood icons, their modern beanie counterparts are not exclusive. Today’s fashion is all about being yourself through the style, experimenting with collocation and looks, so nothing is dated.

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