Top Trends of Spring and Summer 2016

Compare with styles in London, concepts in Milan and arts in Paris, trends in New York and its fashion week are where ordinary people could learn and gain. In the 2015 New York Fashion Week, there are five noticeable trends in the coming spring and summer. Take a look at them and suit yourself from the latest design and style.

Sporty Chic

trends in 2016 is quite various from one another

Due to the rise of Alexander Wang in fashion industries, dramatic changes of sporty chic have taken place in recent years. During this year’s fashion week, not only the 10th anniversary of Alexander Wang brought the sports chic, but also in Anna Sui and Tommy Hilfiger’s show, sportswear is also moving under the spotlight. Along with the growth of sports style and fitness itself, the sporty chic series will become more popular in the coming six months.

Cropped Wide-leg Pants

Cropped Wide-leg Pants have come back and become another trends

The popularity of cropped wide-leg pants has just begun in this winter, but from New York fashion week, it is obviously that cropped wide-leg pants will be more popular next year. From Alexander Wang to Victoria Beckham, from Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren, lots of fashion stores would like to design their unique wide-leg pants.

Tropical style

tropical style, sort of old school indeed, is another trend in 2016

The tropical wind is another trend on the fashion week which is led by Anna Sui. This year Anna Sui’s show is occupied by tropical-dressed models who show enthusiasm and gorgeous. This exotic design is a sort of novel in the fashion week and there is no double that this trend will be spread out through the festival.

Asymmetric clipping

Asymmetric clipping will not be shown on fashion week only

If the design of streamlined dress magnifies a woman’s most elegance, then the asymmetric clipping shows a distinct gorgeous of female. In the New York fashion week, fashion giants like Hugo Boss, Lim Phillip and DKNY all have asymmetric cut style products. Designers could be exhausted of the symmetrical perfect and want to seek inspiration from these imperfections.

Tassel Fringe

Tassel Fringe is one of the hottest trend in 2016

Tassel fringe is classic but could be outdated easily. And now it is back. It can be found in lots of catwalk shows from Givenchy, Alexander Wang and Hugo Boss. Maybe you still have a one-time-popular tassel fringe product at the bottom of the closet that you bought a few years ago. Check it up and get ready for the coming spring and summer.

Alexander Wong

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