Tips to Have Purse That Only LOOK Expensive

Well, no one would know how much you really paid for your purse, and you can definitely make your bag look more expensive. However, sometimes the wrong designs could have betrayed you. Thus, there are some tricks that you might need to know. Here are some tips that we would like to give you: a sleek, understated bag without

A simple purse could make you look luxurious

  1. Cheap hardware like zippers
  2. Chain straps that are overly shiny or flimsy
  3. Too many doodads

We are not suggesting that extra hardware like zippers and chain straps are not cool. Doubtlessly, they are classic and functional, and widely used in many numerous fashion designs. But it could put you in risk of exposing your purse’s humble and inexpensive origins, if you happen to own one, which is not delicately crafted with a small budget, the simpler, the safer, and also looking more luxurious.

We are not an extreme minimalist or suggesting being one though, it’s right on trend with this season. Note that dark color is good to go, but light ones like sexy leopard could also perform impressively well.

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A simple design purse from VIPme

A simple design black purse from VIPme A minimalist purse in black from VIPme

Leather Vintage Simple Style Backpack from purse section, vipmeA minimalist purse in silver white from VIPme A minimalist purse in navy blue from VIPme

Leather Vintage Neutral Short purse from vipme Leather Vintage Neutral Long Wallet from purse section, vipme

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