The Hottest Fashion Products in 2016

In the first few days of 2016, Serenity and Rose Quartz have been announced as the most popular colors of the year. However, knowing the hottest colors is far to be enough. Thus, the following fashion products will probably become the most popular items in the coming 12 months.The most popular fashion products in 2016

The Fashion Givenchy Slip DressGivenchy Slip Dress, one of the hottest fashion products in 2016

Doubtlessly, Givenchy silk satin slip dress has occupied nearly every fashion column at the end of 2015. While unsurprisingly its popularity will increase continuously this year. Although Givenchy’s slip dress looks like a nightgown, somehow, but it’s outstanding because of its material and design. Its high-quality silk satin and detail-orientated design are the reasons why it became the best-selling products in late 2015.

The Fashion Rucksack Prorsum BackpackThe fashionable Burberry Rucksack Prorsum Backpack, which is fairly popular

If you are a fan of backpacks, you might have some difficulties in choosing your favorite items. However, Burberry saves your life in this spring. The Rucksack backpack, which is super cool, was released on Burberry Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear. The design of the backpack is simple but concise. Its rose gold metal chain and customization service are two of the main reasons why it will become one of the hottest products in 2016. As long as you want to, a client can change the backpack’s golden characters into your name.

The Fashion Proenza Schouler off the shoulder topoff the shoulder top is another beacon in 2016 fashion trend

Off the shoulder top has been a new fashion beacon since early 2015 while it will occupy the editor’s choice section continuously. Nearly in every fashion week in 2015, off the shoulder top was one of the most eye-catching products. Its popularity will not fade away in a short period of time cause it emphasizes slimness of body shape, especially upper arms. In addition, Proenza Schouler off the shoulder top can allocate with various clothes and hairstyles, which can hardly be bored.

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