T-Shirts to celebrate this April Fool’s Day

So you think April Fool’s Day is a day only for fools? Don’t be fooled! 1 April is a time to unwind all those strained nerves of yours and make fun of yourself and those around you. Most of us have played a few pranks on family, friends and coworkers on this day in the past, but do you know one of the easiest ways to have fun is to put on special T-shirts designed to make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go for celebration? Here are a few tips we would like to share with you to make sure you look smart while having fun among fools.  April-Fools-Day--Im-Pregnant - t-shirts

Wear T-Shirts of Sharp Colors

Imagine wearing dull colored and old fashioned t-shirts on fool’s day, what do you think might happen? Exactly! You would be ridiculed and laughed at in the workplace and probably most of your peers would want to play tricks and pranks on you, because you dress like a fool. So to avoid this scenario, you need to wear bright and sharp colored t-shirts before you leave your house. People tend to display less contempt at those who look bright and smart and even want to join you in playing pranks on others. Colors such as sharp yellow, blue, red, green or pink are perfect for this purpose. At the same time, try put a big smile across your face when you meet people and have some jokes at your disposal, this would complement the sharp colored t-shirts you have on you on this fun day.April-Fools-Day--Size-Doesnt-Matter t-shirts

Words of Wisdom written across your T-shirts

Words on your t-shirts speak louder than what you say to people on fool’s day. For example, if you have “I Won’t Trick You…” written at the front of your t-shirt, people are going to pause and think before they play any pranks on you because obviously the words on your t-shirt have already told them that you are not someone to be fooled or messed around. So please remember when you go shopping for t-shirts, choose those with wise phrases written across it. These phrases can be smart and fun, like “Arguing with a Fool only proves there are Two” or simply hilarious like “Honey…I’m pregnant!” Pictures sometimes can be distracting, so our advice to you is wise words are good enough, they speak louder than pictures on this special day.april fool's t-shirts

Match T-shirts with Special Accessories

Special Accessories you take with you on fool’s day are a bonus. If you think a well thought out t-shirts are not creative enough for all that fun you have in your head, try bringing something special with you when you go out. For example, a hat, a watch, a necklace or even a tote bag with special pictures or words on them. However please remember these accessories should not be too eye catching or otherwise they risk stealing attention away from your dear t-shirts.

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