Sweater is your soul mate

Every lady needs a hug wardrobe to store her secrets, happiness, sorrow and of course, clothes. In cold and cloudy days, all sorts of jackets are your closest partners. They help you to keep the cold away for a million times when you need them. However, when the weather is getting warmer, sweater, especially over-size sweater could become your soul mate. They are soft, cozy, warm and stylish. They have everything that you are expecting.

over-size sweater could match well with a huge hand bag

Fashionista in the west would choose over-size sweaters when they hang out in late winter. The reasons why sweaters become ladies’ first option during winter are obvious, easy-matching, casual, and most importantly, cozy. A pair of over-the-knee boots, a hug hand bag to match with a sweater highlights the casual and her own personalities. Besides, a scarf could help you to keep warm and maintain stylish simultaneously.

Sweater and Legging

legging with clutch bag is literally awesome sweater and leggings can match perfectly

Quite frequently leggings are wrongly matched, until they collaborate with sweaters. While a loose sweater works with a narrow legging, the strong comparison could emphasis the slimness and also, could be a fairly popular street style. But still, if you have a small bag like clutch bag or cross shoulder bags on your hands, would be a lot better.

Sweater and Jeans

sweater, denim jeans and tote, what a speteculas match

If you are a fan of denim jeans, they could work perfectly as well. With that dressing style, you could become the main character of the lazy song, but the point is that you could be stylish and cozy. In this case, a tote could allocates with the outfit quite well.

sweater could work with scarf pretty well

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