Summer Fashion Trends – Advanced BFF Matching

Back to what we have talked about yesterday, it is quite easy to lead the summer fashion with your Best Friends Forever. After the BFF matching foundation, it is time to show you the advanced matching with your BFF.      summer fashion - white dresses

Summer Fashion Trends – Matching 201

summer fashion - green skirt

summer fashion - bff

The principle of this summer fashion is to pick up products in the same series or from the same design. The product should not be the same but looks familiar. That is the difficulty of this matching as you might need some luck to it.

There are not many tips on it because the issue is not about collocation but searching for similar products. Still, there are several traps that you should be aware of.

The first one is to pay attention to the differences in body shapes. Vary in height and weight are significant. Thus, pleated dresses, the denim outfit and bomber jacket are safe options for you.

Secondly, dress up comfortably. To lead the fashion in summer is critical, but stay true and stay comfortable is probably more important. There is a shortcut though, which is to shop with your BFF together.

Summer Fashion Trends – Matching 301

Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Lunch In NYC

summer fashion - black and white

If achieving the 201 could earn you a Bachelor Degree, to finish the 301 means a Master of Mix and Match. The difficulty in this matching is that it is too vague or abstract. Shortcut of this summer fashion is to pick similar but entirely different products.

For instance, ripped jeans can work with a short shirt and an oversized masculine shirt while the tops are in solid black and white.

Another case is basic designed T-shirt, hot pants and trousers, high heel and flat shoes, bucket bag and messenger bag are lovely but great contrasts.

What are you waiting for? Share this article with your BFF and lead the summer fashion with her.

summer fashion - leather coat

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