Slim and warm: Boots could make a change

The recent drop of temperature would not force young ladies to wear pants for the sake of keeping warm. Answer of the warm keeping mystery is that wearing trousers could be uncomfortable, and it could not show the beauty of legs. Now we will have a look at those thin but warm over-the-knee boots.


Matching Tip 1: Over-the-knee boots + wool dress

a pair of black boots will not be wrong in matching
Two simple item can be fashionable as well

The sweater dress with boots is from the module Foundation of Fashion 001. With simply two products, you can be attractive.



black boots are frequently used during winter
It could be the most popular dressing this winter

Boots and wool dress is necessary. But other warm keeping weapons like woolen coat, scarf, stockings are great options as well.



Matching Tip 2: Jacket+ skirt (short) + over the knee boots

red coat and black boots are classic
Layering is fairly significant, especially in winter

Similar to tip 1, but the outstanding point here is the sense of layering.



sweater and boots are well matching
This dressing could highlight the slimness.

Clean, simple white cap-free sweater with leather shorts and a pair of over-the-knee boots, it looks really slim.



grey boots look elegant and in fact is easy to match
Again, color matching is another key of dressing

This is elegant and comfort. Color of the boots and clothes is very harmonious, which is very important. If the model wears a pair of black shoes would be awkward.



Matching Tip 3: choose the right coat

boots are utter fashionable in winter
Choosing a right coat could be as important as wearing a pair of high quality boots

Fashion blogger Olivia Palermo looks pretty good and her style is quite unique. No windbreaker, no coat, but with irregular sleeveless cardigan, hollow sweaters and Chanel style small shorts, it’s layering, scattered and fashionable.



celebrities love boots as well
All black clothes works exceptionally well in winter

Please give the designer’s credit for this wonderful design. This scarf could be a dress as well as a coat. If you have a long leather gloves like characters in the movie, then enjoy your day.



Matching Tip 4: Over-the-knee boots + jeans

boots can make a superstar on the street
Wearing pants could be fashion rider too

If you want to become a stylish rider who wears pants, shoes at the same time, nothing could be more significant than the match of color.



Miranda Kerr is also a fan of boots
To dress like Miranda Kerr

If you are slim and to wear jeans like Miranda Kerr with over-the-knee boots, that would be gorgeous.



black boots could not be wrong for matching
White scarf is optional but vital

If jeans and coat are all in black, the whole appearance would be a bit monotonous, choose a white scarf will be refreshing and it looks pretty modern.

Alexander Wong

Alexander Wong is a fashion blog writer who spent more than six years in Hong Kong and Singapore, which are the heart of the fashion industries in Asia. Alexander has read and writen fashion related articles since 2010 and gained extensive knowledge over luxury goods and matching.

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