Short Jacket, Stylish Coat From Another Planet

Usually, there are two means of keeping warm during winter, mega scarves or trench coat. However, you could be stylish and warm at the same time. Short jacket, is what you should be looking for.


Short Jacket is quite popular lately


Short jacket is getting popular lately. It is suitable for wear to work, since it is a sort of low profile. Simultaneously, it could keep the cold away from your upper body and maintain fashionable. Another feature of the jacket is the diversity of its material. While the advantage of this diversity is that it could collaborate with quite a lot of clothes, such as pullovers sweaters, button-down shirts, and sleeveless Tops.


Short Jacket is celebrities' favorite this spring.

Nearly every celebrity in the fashion industries in North America and Europe is wearing short jackets. In snowing and freezing cities, it works perfectly with sweaters. While in warmer area, blouses and casual shirts could collocate with the hot short jacket as well. There are several types of matching that we could learn from celebrities, the first one similar color coordination.


Color Harmonious


Short Jacket matches with pants the same color can be really stylish

Short Jacket is suitable for wear to work

This is a super simple, lazy but effective way of matching. To make sure your outfit is in the same or similar color is critical in this manners. It does not really matter if the short jacket coordinates with button-down shirts or simple tees, as the jacket is pretty flexible and easy matching.


Short Jacket and legging


Green legging and Black Short Jacket works magically well

To be more precise, green short jacket and black legging could work magically well. This creative way of wearing was initially led by Kendall, who madly in love with green color and tight legging. With the help of the jacket and legging, your slim body shape will be magnified incredibly.

Besides, since olive green collocates with black surprisingly well, army green legging and black short jacket could also help you to be the stunning star on the street.

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