Shift Dresses‘ Revival

Shift Dresses often have a straight H shape and therefore they place no emphasis on the waistline. They allow ladies to shift and move around easily. That’s where its name comes from. For me, the word “shift” not only stands for an action, but also signifies the revolution in the field of fashion in the 1960s, when American youth culture came to its climax. During this period, hemline became shorter while dresses almost had no detailing. A shift dresses is a symbol of youth and freedom, recalling our yearn for those frivolous years. Come to VIPme and trace back those glory days.

1960 shift dresses

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Good news for you, shift dresses are back! Nowadays, shift dress is still a must-buy item that can be either vintage or modern. Shift Dress is not an exclusive fashion icon in the 1960s. Depending on the fabric, color and pattern, a shift dress can create a variety of outfits.

shift dress with shirt collar

A shift dress with a shirt collar is a good choice for young commuters. Its simple design is perfect for the long and tiring commute and at the same time ensures that you appear at the office gracefully. Check the similar item on VIPme Shift Dress.

shirt collar shift dress at VIPME


Boxy cut and the hard line might be too harsh for you. Thus, you may add some womanlike elements to soften your outfit. Lace is one of the most elegant textures so don’t hesitate to apply it to your look.  A lace crocheted shift dress is practical because it is eye-catching from day to night. .

blue crocheted lace shift dress at VIPME

Appropriately baring your skin makes you look glamorous in summer.  Mesh on the shoulder brings out the new and modest kind of sexy. If you are not that willing to expose much skin or other body parts, the following shift dress is the best option for you.

mesh on shoulder shift dress

Due to its simple design, a shift dress fits well  with comfy flats, sneakers or stilettos, any footwear that you can come up with.  You must have a shift dress in your wardrobe just because it’s too practical to be true!

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