Season of off the shoulder

Among all the sexiest parts of body, shoulder, obviously, is the one that the majority will agree on. There are quite a number of stylish clothes which emphasises outstanding body shape of a female, especially bust. However, the low-cut top does not work with everyone. Compare with décolletage, off the shoulder top is more conventional. Lately, off the shoulder has replaced backless clothes and become one of the most popular designs in fashion industries.

It will not be a surprise if you see off the shoulder tops everywhere in 2016

Thus, wearing an off the shoulder top could help you to become a superstar under spotlights. Recently, in several fashion weeks which were launched by various fashion brands, off the shoulder elements have been shown for several times. Besides, as we introduced previously, this design is a hot trendy pattern of the year.


Off the Shoulder tops have been shown on several fashion week
However, in the middle of winter, It will be freezing with you put on an off the shoulder top only. Thus, the skill of showing your shoulders becomes critical.

The Irregular off

To show your shoulder slightly is quite vivid
If you are not a big fan of winter, to show your shoulder slightly and irregularly can save you from the cold while maintaining fashionable simultaneously. It will be quite vivid to break the boring balance of the top if you have a one-side-off of your shoulder. This design could somehow look like inharmonious but in fact it shows your shoulder vaguely.

Stripe off the Shoulder

Stripe off the should is a really hot design among all the popular products
This design helps you to be sexy and classic at the same time. This popular pattern allows you to show the upper body and doubtlessly it will attract lots of attention easily. Brands including Michael Kors, Paul& Joe, Chloe and etc. have launched this type of design in the first two quarters of 2016. Besides, stripe off the shoulder sweaters have become one of the best-selling products from late 2015.

Now show off your shoulder and become a superstar on the street.

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