The Return of Victorian Clothing

Fashion is always an interesting cycle. Those popular fashion products would be faded away but will eventually return and win back top designers’ favorite. Victorian Clothing and the Victorian Fashion were once incredibly hot. But now they’ve made a spectaculars return.

victorian clothing - cover

Puff sleeves, flouncing lace and bowknot are iconic features of Victorian Clothing. With the return of the Victorian Fashion, those classic elements are now more meaningful and attractive than they ever were.

Flouncing Lace in Victorian Clothing

victorian clothing - green top

victorian clothing - blue top

Flouncing lace was no longer an element exclusively for teenage girls. A feminine flouncing lace shirt matching with masculine loose jeans as well as a lady like high heeled shoes will perfectly merge different styles together.

Nevertheless, different from the traditional Victorian Clothing, tops in the collocation mentioned above usually are not in white color. It does not mean that white color flouncing lace shirts does not look good in this match, but a light green or a sky blue top would look more vivid and fashionable.

Bowknot in Victorian Clothing

victorian clothing - yellow skirt

The stereotype Victorian Clothing may not be suitable for office lady. In fact however, a Victorian Style bowknot is really fashionable and formal for them. A black bowknot waist wrapped puff sleeve long shirt is elegant yet solemn. The long dress highlights the body shape and magnifies your slimness.

While a silk bowknot long puff sleeves can match with a colorful flower pattern skirt quite well. While a yellow and black cross body bag is a great component of the outfit. The purse matches the color of both the top and the skirt. More importantly, the yellow color embellishes the entire clothing and breaks the balance. If you are in an all-black outfit on the street all the time, it might seem a bit awkward. A bright color beautifies the classy Victorian clothing.

Be classic and stylish with the comeback Victorian Clothing in this warm spring.

victorian clothing - brown

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