Purplish Blue, Rep of Elegance

Purplish blue might not be the most fashionable colors and become a favorite color of top designers from Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo or Armani. Nor would it become the most popular color in the fashion industries or on the market place. However, its low profile and easy matching makes it irreplaceable.

purplish blue coat is solemn

Purplish blue is mix with black and blue, and it stands for long lasting, clear and elegance. Thus, in a lot of solemn or formal occasions, it would be one of the most suitable colors. Due to its color nature, it could be quiet and calm as blue, or mysterious and mature as black. The advantage of wearing that elegant color is, when it meets black, magic happens. Nature and characteristics of the color will be shown entirely.

Purplish blue works with black really well

A purplish blue set could be fabulous. Clean and concise is the key of matching. Except for collaborating with black, white and some other light colors could be more agile and vivid. Accessories in yellow, green or orange could help to break the balance.

purplish blue could be vivid as well if it comes with green, yellow or orange scarf

Purplish blue is elegant on suits or coats, underwear however, could also be stunningly attractive. Satin, lace and cut off are classic elements of lingerie. Purplish blue underwear is calm but sexy, solemn but lustful. Now, take a look at lingerie on VIPme.com, to become hot and solemn simultaneously.

Purplish Blue Lace Hollow Panty is a really hot design

Purplish Blue Lace Panty is comfort

Purplish Blue Lace Waist Shorts is lovely   Purplish Blue Lace Cross Back Bra is quite sexy

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