Prince Left His Ever Changing Style Over


You might look no Prince to Someone. But from today till the end of the day, there will never be another Prince like you.

sexy prince

He was a singer, composer, musician, actor, producer and director. He had received 34 Grammy nominations, seven Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards and even an Oscar. However, what actually makes his mark is his iconic androgynous look, a kind of flamboyant and foul sexy.

His image was a crucial facet of his creativity and pursuance for freedom, with many of his outfits becoming iconic. From-head-to-toe sequins to ruffled collars, nudity and a well-publicized penchant for purple have become his typical symbols.

Iconic Image of Prince

Have a look at these old photos to recall his unforgettable fashion style that spans for nearly 40 years.


1980 dirty mind prince

On the cover of his album Dirty Mind, he stands straightly in a rivet butch jacket and pair of tight black briefs. In his song Head he barefacedly sang to other’s bride “I gotta have you in my bed”.


1987 prince

Prince looked more girlish in that year, which can be embodied by his wide-brimmed hat, necklace with large metal pendants and blouse of marine style. At the same time, high heels and dark-black eye line became his classy appearance on the stage.


1988 lovesexy prince

For his 1988 album Lovesexy, he was naked in a giant lily, delicately placed his hand over his chest, the modesty in his eyes standing out against the purple orchid reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor.


1991 butt cheek prince

What highlighted the yellow lace suit Prince wore in 1991 VMA Ceremony was the design that unreservedly showed his butt cheek. As the audience reflected, when he turned back it was totally like an Easter Egg which stuned everyone present.



2007 super bowl prince

During his performance in Super Bowl, 2007, Prince brought over an astonishing shadow play. Well, what he wanted to express can be seen clearly in the picture above.

Prince’s outfits were as legendary as his music for four decades. Thanks to Prince, lots of inspiration has been brought to the fashion industries, which have been paying tribute to him since his death.

prince gif

“ I think you’d better close it

And let me guide you to the purple rain”

purple rain by prince

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