Palazzo Pants: Four Tips to Hit This Summer

If you are a crazy fan of pants but have got tired of day-by-day skinny pants styles, palazzo pants on VIPme can be your savior. Still trapped in the stereotype that palazzo pants are outdated plus size items? Let Olivia Palermo show you the magical power of palazzo pants in refreshing your style. This time she shows her sophisticated fashion philosophy again, dressed in grey culotte pants and blue jacket.

Olivia Palermo solid color palazzo pants

The good news is that you don’t need to be so slender as Olivia to look stylish in palazzo pants. Just check these four matching tips for different types of palazzo pants.

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Ankle-length Palazzo Pants

The key point is to lengthen your leg line. Therefore, you need a high-waist design Palazzo Pants to shape a perfect body proportion. Secondly, fabrics that seem to be cascading like chiffon and silk further elongates your lower body. Last but not least, you could cleverly match it with a pair of chic high heels. By adopting these three pieces of advice you will find a nearly 20-cm growth of your legs visually.

fashion white ankle length palazzo pants

Denim Palazzo Pants

Boy-friend style denim palazzo pants are vintage and stylish. Remember that your outfit needs to be as simple as possible. A white T-shirt or vest will suit well so avoid fancy colors or patterns. When it comes to your footwear, casual sneakers and skateboard shoes are model answers. Thick heel sandals also match well.

denim palazzo pants

Cropped Palazzo Pants

When dressed in a pair of palazzo pants, you can totally forget about the embarrassment of stepping on the trouser cuff while at the same time your shins will look thinner. The straight and hard line of cropped pants looks brisk and modern. Thus, stressing the shoulder line is important. Meanwhile, I strongly recommend pointed high heels that can make your slim ankles stand out in the whole look. Sometimes inadvertently baring small areas would be seductive.

cropped palazzo pants

Printed Palazzo Pants

If you are looking for a graceful item that is casual enough on the holiday, printed palazzo pants will be your best option. The conventional dress code of Palazzo Pants is a solid-color halter top and a pair of simple-designed sandals which could avoid being too gaily.

blue printed palazzo pants

Similar items can be found on VIPme.

black mid waist cropped palazzo pants

black chiffon lace up palazzo pants

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