No.1 Tip for Casual Clothing

Bomber Jacket is one of the clothing in the fashion industries that named after a code, MA-1. It is one of the key components of casual clothing in this spring. Features of the jacket are high neck, zipper and lower hem.

casual clothing black pattern pants

Wearing a bomber jacket can help you to keep warm in windy spring. But more importantly, it is one of the most popular jackets for casual clothing style in March and April. Bomber jacket is a fundamental element for casual dressing. Solid color leather pants or skirts, as well as boots, are classic fashionable items for a casual clothing style.

Casual Clothing – Skirt

Giovanna Battaglia from Italy is the one who masters the hottest way to match bomber jacket. Unlike the classic collocation mentioned above, A-Line skirt or pleated skirts could help to avoid the disadvantage of body shape.

The key of casual clothing is to use common yet stylish clothes to match in a natural way. Thus, a floral pattern maxi dress or a black pants can help you to shape your own casual style.

casual clothing floral pattern

casual clothing brown pleated dresses

Casual Clothing – White Shirt

If you are a fan of casual dressing, you cannot miss the match of white shirt and MA-1. White shirt is the perfect match of bomber jacket. It highlights your conciseness impressively.

Another key point of creating your own casual style is to find similar colors in your outfit. To match your black trousers with a black tops layer or a black bucket bag can help you to become a casual dressing fashionista.

Bomber jacket is obviously an easy way for you to shape your own casual clothing style. The greatest advantage of casual dressing is to use every common clothing that you have, rather than keep on buying new fashion products. From this perspective, fashion can be environmentally friendly as well.

casual clothing white skirt


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