Nexiia Feminine Dresses: Goddess Diaries

In spite of the fashion trend of unisex design, the young designer of Nexiia Dresses, Evangeline Lim Hei Wun, insists that glamorous femininity is never out of fashion. Her major in university was Modern Art. Therefore, she designed the series of dresses named “Goddess Diaries” for Nexiia, inspired by the goddesses in medieval paintings. With a unique flair for vintage and elegance, she plentifully applies lace, chiffon and embroidery to her works.

lithe goddess Naxiia dresses

Vintage Nexiia Dresses

The Spliced Midi Dress is unique for its asymmetrical slit design, the lithe chiffon hemline as well as the black and white exotic pattern. One shoulder dresses are usually considered to be worn by Greek goddesses, this time spliced with the pure white chiffon on the other side of the shoulders. Different from the loose silhouette of ancient Greek dresses, Evangeline ties a knitting waistband on the waist to create the golden ratio visually.

VIPme White Vintage V Neck Asymmetrical Midi NexiiaDress with Slit

Off-shoulder design originated in the Medieval Ages. It remains its popularity at present because of its modest but sexy charm. What if oriental floral pattern is embroidered on a goddess-like off-shoulder dress? Evangeline makes a daring attempt to realize her ideas on this Lace Embroidery Midi Dress.

VIPme Lace Embroidery Midi Nexiia Dress

Modern Nexiia Dressesfunny greek goddess

Evangeline is trying to prove that goddesses can be vintage and modern at the same time. The Lace Embroidery Midi Dress has a chic shirt look on the top and the A-line hemline, which are slimming and commonly used for formal dresses. Nevertheless, Evangeline cleverly uses hollowing embroidery to create perspective effects. This dress is surely something that will stand out in your summer wardrobe.

VIPme Slit Crocheted Pierced Midi Nexiia DressHollowing laces’ another effect is to build up layers, which are necessary for a graceful goddess look. What makes this Cotton Lace Mini Dress really stand out is the classy charm and beauty it carries, with its half sleeves close-fitting clipping. VIPme Pierced Cotton Mini Nexiia Dress

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