Mix and Match Like a Duchess

As the spring is coming, visiting friends and the elder is getting more frequent. The way you mix and match and to show your personalities as well as respect, is significant. Collocations of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is a vivid example of mix and match properly.

stylish mix and match pattern from catherine, duchess of cambridge

The most regular mix and match pattern of Duchess Kate Middleton is the collocation of coat and high heels or over-the-keen boots. Coat, more especially, trench coat, could be stylish as well as warm keeping. Bright colors such as purple, red, green and yellow could lighten your mood and represent happiness.

Another iconic mix and match pattern from kate middleton

Indeed, material and length of the coat is vital. However, slim-fitting is the Duchess’s priority. Wearing a wine red or purple red slim-fitting trench coat in early spring is fairly elegant. Such a classy coat will keep you from embarrassing while visiting a friend or hosting a guess.

Duchess's statement mix and match

To wear a trench coat with a pair of over-the-keen boots will be warm enough and more importantly, this allocation looks clean and concise. However, as the whole style is quite simple and solemn, it will be inappropriate to wear a pair of fancy or over-decorated boots. Although Catherine the Duchess does not wear over-the-keen boots frequently, still, most of her shoes are quite simple and classic.

Thus, pay attention to the Royal Families’ mix and match, become a solemn fashionista this spring.



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