Mini Bags, Amazing Creature in Spring

Human desire is a bottomless pit. We would love to buy everything they can and put them in their backpacks, handbags or purses. However, the appearance and popularity of clutches change the way that people have been doing. In this Spring, the erupting passion over mini bags indicates the ultimate solution of the bottomless pit and presents Minimalism from a new angle.

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Why Mini Bags

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mini bags street styleThe conventional understanding of Minimalism is a fashion product with no unnecessary design or decoration. However, I would like to consider this conventional understanding as a universal misunderstanding. It is true that the initial intention of Minimalism is to eliminate non-core-function accessories. However, the true spirit is to remove every unnecessary element. Controlling the size of a bag, in a sense, represents the true spirit of Minimalism.

Think about it, someday you do not even have enough space to put things that you want into your purses, how would you not to be a minimalist? Thus, a mini bag can save you from having difficulties of choosing what to put into your handbags. On the other hand, however, the design of mini bags may not be in minimalist style.

While Mini Bags suit a lot of occasions such as parties, working hours, casual clothing, balls or wedding. Various designs can help master different events. Clutches and cross body bags are obviously a subordinate of mini bags, thus, you do not have to worry about buying a new set of purses.

How to Carry Mini Bags

mini bags chest carring Street Style -Paris Fashion Week : Day Two Womenswear Fall Winter 2016/2017

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The first way to bring your Mini Bag is to position it a bit lower than your chest. Shorten the chain and put it on the shoulder, it is how fashionistas from Paris to New York carry mini bags.

Another way is to cross the top handle and bring it. It is an elegant and creative way of carrying bags.

Enjoy your true minimalist style with fun and fancy designs. One last tip is, till the end of March, you can enjoy free shipping on VIPme. Grab your favor mini bags.

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