Maxi Dresses Cover the Spring

Maxi Dresses could be listed as one of the most popular items in Spring. Indeed it works for tall girls stunningly. However for girls where are slightly shorter, it is challenging and may not be the most appropriate dress in the Spring. Nevertheless, there is no unsolvable issue in the fashion industries. Thus, we will unmask the mystery of dressing and matching maxi dresses for short girls.

Olivia Palermo maxi dresses

As an idol for female mix and match, Olivia Palermo masters how to wear maxi dresses quite well. As an American, she is not that tall, her height is about 5 ft 4 in (163 cm). However, maxi dress is her favorite in Spring. It does not matter if she attends events or walks down the street, maxi dresses would be dressed up quite frequently.

Olivia Palermo blue maxi dresses

Well, putting a two inches high heel shoes to match your maxi dress could be an option, yes, but not a really wise one. Cause it will be exhausted if you decide to do so. The trick that Olivia Palermo employs is to match the dress with a leather belt.

To shape your tall, or to shape that you are tall, the most important principle is to choose a belt that matches your maxi dresses, while to tie the belt a bit higher than the waist. If you would like to enhance the shaping effect, wear a pair of shoes, or high heel if you want to, which is in similar color to your dress. Take a look at the following images and to get some inspiration.

Olivia-Palermo floral maxi dresses

Olivia Palermo tassel maxi dresses

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