Maxi Dress too Versatile to Be True

The most wonderful thing about a maxi dress is that it is a no-worry solution and the easiest gimmick to look chic. No need to worry if your legs are not in a good shape because maxi dresses help to cover up on those fat days we have and even elongate your leg line. Besides, wearing a maxi dress means you should not have to worry about the matching of your outlook. As a one-piece gown, only accessories are left to decide. Moreover, it allows you to stay cool and avoid getting burnt by the hot in summer.

cinderalla maxi dress

Mentioning the maxi dresses, what used to be designed rules for them are floral pattern, flat shoes or strapless lines. However, it is time to forget these stereotype and have a look at how we can master the matching code of maxi dress by combining various fashion elements.

Maxi Dress On the Beach

You may be wondering if there is an outfit that can seamlessly transit from walking along the beach to sipping cocktails in a restaurant located in the heart of a metropolis. For you the maxis is the answer.  Imagine how the wind blows up your hemline near the quiet seaside or on top of a romantic sky bar. To look gossamer and chiffon is the key of the look.

chiffon maxi dress of turquoise

print maxi dress

Maxi Dress in Music Festival

For a long time, the majority consider music festival as something only for lovers only. For harsh rock music such as heavy mental, guys would like to dress themselves into T-shirts or motorcycle jackets with quirky accessories. For girls however, why don’t you dress elegantly to enjoy the sunny meadows and expect for a crush? A solid-color maxi dress, which is simple and kind of girlish will be a good choice for you.


bohemian maxi dress in music festival

Maxi Dress on the streets

Gowns bring the feeling of exotic and non-daily. When walking on the street in urban areas, choose a maxi dress that has a chic design. Cinching at the waist or having a slit near the thigh is eye-catching and makes a perfect body proportion.

Miranda Kerr's mint green maxi dress

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