LWD Replaces LBD This Season

You’ve probably heard this before, but sometimes, less is more. This little white dress from VIPme is all about minimalism.

White Sleeveless Turndown Neck Bodycon Midi Dress

The LBD is a long-established staple of the style world, but its cousin – the LWD – is a rare gem. Thankfully, my time searching for the perfect one is over.

VIPme White Sleeveless Turndown Neck Bodycon Midi Dress

Whatever “rules” there are about white dresses, when to wear them, and with what, are all completely bogus. After putting on this number, I’ve found the LWD as easy to love and style as an LBD. You probably don’t believe me, but this was so true that it took me a good hour of trying things on with it to chose what to show you. The end result? A simple leather jacket for the chilled weather, and modern, complimentary shoes. When you feel indecisive, black and white is a great go-to look that can be transformed to convey the look you desire.

VIPme White Sleeveless Turndown Neck Bodycon Midi Dress 2

What set this dress apart from others is the collar and the mesh details. Yeah, mesh is in, but there’s more to it than that. Those details give the dress a modern edginess that’s hard to deny, and the lust of a perfectly executed side-cutout was too good to turn away. The collar is the perfect setting for big jewelry, collar tips, and pins galore – but standing alone it is the perfect execution of clean minimalism (without being boring and shapeless).

VIPme Little White Dress

In case you’re skeptical, I’m giving you my honest word when I say this dress is really nice for the price. It’s a steal. It arrived quickly, it’s comfortable, it fits, and yeah, it looks just as pictured on the site. I couldn’t ask for more!

I get it, it’s often hard to pull the trigger ordering clothing online internationally when measurements can be confusing, returns from the US are often pricy, and general doubt is clouding your thoughts. The items in your cart are calling to you! What ends up helping in the end is great customer service, and they were very helpful (andarticulate) about all of my questions and concerns. (And nice, hey, it helps.)

Carolyn Mcgraw White Sleeveless Turndown Neck Bodycon Midi Dress

I mean, the dress comes in black…. but I implore you to just try white. If I can love it, you can try it (and the price is right, right?!) Summer is coming, the little white dress could be your wardrobe’s new bff.

VIPme White Sleeveless Turndown Neck Bodycon Midi Dress 3

With the dress, I’ve got on an old leather jacket you’ve seen me in many times, and new shoes I received for my birthday on a great NYC thrift trip! I thought they complimented the dresses unique edges perfectly, white, with a black platform and heel. I’ve never seen a pair so meant to be.

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