LBD vs LWD: Which Do You Prefer?

Skimming through the celebrity outfits and fashion blogs this season, it is hard to neglect views like “LWD is replacing LBD this season”. On the contrary, others still insist that a chic little black dress is never out of fashion.

Little black dress has gained its popularity for its charming classic style. On the other hand, a little white dress looks fresher than a black one instead of being too dark and serious. Which one do you prefer?

Here we selected several little black dresses and little white dresses from VIPme. No matter it is black or white, I am sure that you should add one of them into your summer collection.

Little Black Dresses

Without doubt, black is the most slimming color. Along with the high waist A-line design, this Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Skater Dress beautifies your body shape and lengthens your leg line. VIPme Black Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Skater Midi Dress

If you are a fan of NYC style, this Half Sleeve Sheath Simple Little Black Dress is the perfect choice for you. It is simply designed and finely clipped to fit in all kinds of occasions, especially work places.

VIPme Half Sleeve Sheath Simple Little Black Dress

Little black dresses are not always solid. The Black Floral Print Insert Lace Mini Dress is unique and feminine for its sheer lace design and the peach blossom printed on it.

VIPme Black Floral Print Insert Lace Mini Dress

Little White Dresses

Swing dresses are definitely outfits designed for summer time. With its lithe texture, the White Sleeveless Jacquard Midi Swing Dress elegantly blows in the wind. Its 70% silk fabric allows you to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.
VIPme White Sleeveless Jacquard Midi Swing Dress

This Silk Printed A-line Casual Midi Dress is printed with tradition Chinese ink painting pattern, bringing out the modest eastern charm. The designer use a lace-up design to emphasize the waist line and balance the body proportion.VIPme Silk Printed A-line Casual Midi DressThe White Embroidered Butterfly Chiffon Mini Dress has a chic shirt design on the top. What’s more, it looks cute and girlish because of the golden embroidered butterfly patterns on it. VIPme White Embroidered Butterfly Chiffon Mini DressMore stylish summer dresses can be found on VIPme. Free shipping available. Check it out now!funny taylor swift

14 thoughts on “LBD vs LWD: Which Do You Prefer?

  1. I LOVE your clothing….unique, fresh and something I don’t see on everyone!
    Sizing…Are your clothing meant for small women? I generally wear a 12-14
    But when I look up your large it says it is an 8-10?
    I would appreciate your response in helping to see if your program can work for me.
    Also, I am sure that you have taken into consideration that you have not extended to the United States, that we are build differently, especially in the buttocks. I am an African American woman with a Kim Kardashian butt…lol
    Does you apparel fit women of color or are they designed for a smaller European body frame

    1. Hi Diane

      This is Alexander, I really appreciate for your comment.
      I understand your concern. Indeed, a number of clients told us that our clothing is running a bit smaller than the conventional U.S. Size. Reasons of the matter, however, are not because the apparel is designed for skinny or small women. As you might have noticed, most of your designers are Asian decedents or was born in Asia, which means their body shapes are closer to Asian female. While their work reflects who they are, relatively smaller and typical Asian body frame.
      However, it does not mean we treat our client differently according to their color of skin, race or nationality. Everyone is our valuable client. While I am pleased that you like our products and please allow me to recommend a designer brand that have wider range of sizes. Ouyaling, the brand was established by Carina Cheung Jyun, a Taiwanese American designer who based in Taipei and Seattle. Ms. Cheung’s work has wider range of sizes, which could fit you well. Here is the URL: .

      Please let me know if this is helpful.
      Have a nice day


  2. Hey guys. I emailed twice about return and not getting any answer, Im worried about 30 day policy. Please reply!

    1. Hi Anya

      Sorry for not replying in time. I have passed the message to our customer service team and my colleague Jimmy has sent you an email yesterday. Please check your mailbox.


  3. I like your stlyes and designs, but I’m a big size person who wears size 22 to 3xl clothes. I would like to have some of your dresses but there’s none in my size.

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