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This article is originally generated by Ruxandra reviewing VIPme silk casual midi dress
Hello sweeties,
To tell you the truth, it’s just today that I feel June is here. Not a girl named June, of course, but the month of June. I call it – the promise of Summer. I do hope temperatures will grow and more sunny days will come. For the moment the situation is somehow unclear in that area…
vipme silk midi dresses

Anyway, I was very happy to wear beautiful silk dress from VIPme that I find so delicate and just perfect for a special event or just for daily wear. I’ve matched it with a find bracelet from VIPme, also from VIPme. They have a lot of awesome stuff down at VIPme that I’m sure you’ll love and to show my appreciation for you.
In another matter, if you like to have fashion in your pocket, you can always download their app as well, available both for Android and IOS
Here you have my usual ootd video, followed by my super cool pics :
What I wore:
As a female fashion website, VIPme is positioning as a platform that empowers women to value individual perspective, to highlight self-awareness and cherish the inner “me”, so that’s why I would like to invite you all in watching this beautiful video from them that you can find on VIPme Facebook Page.
They care indeed for the wellbeing of people and I must say I got goosebumps of watching that clip :), hope you enjoy it as well.
With that being said, I really hope you like my look too and that you’ll give it a thumbs up (well, I don’t have that option), but you can do it on YouTube hahaha 🙂
Thank you for taking your time to check out my blog and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for yet another ootd post !
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Thus, what do you feel about this silk midi dress? Now visit VIPme and grab your favorite VIPme silk dress!

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