I AM: A Spectacular Amputated Rider

July 2013, on the road. A woman from Charleston, South Carolina, was hit by a car, and soon after she was amputated. She was planning on travelling across the States on her motorcycle. All her life plans were put on hold by the accident. 

May 2016, she is now on her Harley riding somewhere in the continent, running her own business and helping veterans in need. She is Ursula Wachowiak, who took a leap of faith to chase a dream after some ‘strange life events’, as she wrote on her blog.

I AM Ursula Wachowiak

It was the best of time. According to Ursula herself, she’s a mother, a grandmother, a friend, an organizer of bikers and obviously, a biker. She built her own company the Write Hand in 1997, as a side business. Before 2012, a year before she was hit, Ursula worked for multi-national corporations like British Petroleum, as well as in management roles in local enterprises. Her life sounded perfectly fine.

It was the worst of time. Ursula’s company became her main source of income, though she had great passion for what she did for a living. Months after Ursula’s riding plan, she was hit by a car and her dream life took a turn. A shortened left leg and eight months of recovery which was full of pain and setbacks are waiting for her.

THE BEAUTY OF Ursula Wachowiak

In her home town in Georgia, Ursula was encouraged. Her father was a navy who served for 30 years. She might have inherited determination from her veteran dad. Easter 2014, the brave woman from South Carolina decided to hit the road once again. But this time, she had something more than riding, the SOX program.

The program was set to provide amputated veterans with necessary care and socks and gloves which were donated by others. On Ursula’s trip that started in January 2016, she delivered the donation in person to veterans across the country. She successfully raised the public awareness of amputated people.

Ursula Wachowiak cool selfie

To some people, Ursula might seem to be an ordinary woman who survived an accident. However, her suffering could also be a catastrophe one can hardly recover from. She didn’t let the accident limit who she could be. She embraces her own kind of beauty – optimistic mindset, strong willpower, and bravery to keep chasing dreams.

“My goals are simple”, she said, “be a Great Mother, a Great Friend, a Great Virtual Assistant, and to travel across America on my Harley”. For her, I AM a uniquely me.

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