How to Dress Up as a Couple in Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is probably the most significant day for most of the lovers. However, on top of choosing gifts, how to dress and match up with your lover is another difficulties for couples. Think about it, it is not easy to match with your partner due to different preference of style and material of clothes. Here are couples from the fashion industries and their collocation may inspire you.

valetine's day's work from manfield

Christophe Lemaire, the former creative director from Hermes, and his lover Sarah Linh-Tran may be the most envied couple. Linh-Tran, who has long slight curly hair, is a typical low-profile Asian girl. She has a great impact on Lemaire’s style and design. From Lemaire’s perspective, she is probably the most suitable model for Lemaire. While in the same frame, you will find the definition of harmonious from them.

every day they spend is like in valentine's day

lemaire and linh-tran are sweet couples, not only in valetine's day

While another sweet couple is famous fashion blogger Patricia Manfield and her boy friend Giotto Calendoli. The fashionable Italian writer has similar preference with her love one in terms of clothes choosing and matching. Similar color or similar type of clothes is Manfield’s mystery of matching. It is quite obvious that Manfield follows this principle consistently. The collocations of black and white duo layers, as well as black shirt and slim fitting pants indicate Manfield’s philosophy.

As the Valentine’s day is coming, turn your wardrobe around and pick a set of clothes that can match with your lover’s.

manfield and her boy friend spend every day like valetine's day

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