High Neck Sweater Puts You Under Spotlight

Days after the New York Fashion Week, the London Fashion Week has launched, which showcases various type of fashion trends. Different from New York, which was cover by heavy snow, the bright sun in London seems to have great impact on what fashionistas wear. Around ventures of the fashion week, we notice that the most popular product among fashion lovers is high neck sweater. Yes, and yet again high neck sweater.

high neck sweater

High neck sweater could slim down your face and highlight the elegance. It will not be out of date or old school when you wear a high neck sweater on the street. It helps you to keep warm but the most significant function of a high neck sweater is to ease you from complicated mix and match. You could put on a vest or a short jacket if you want to, However, that really depends on your need. Regarding colors, the traditional black sweater emphasizes your slimness while the fashionable blue pattern shows the youth and vividness.

Slim Wool Blend High Neck Sweater

Pattern Wool Blend Knitted high neck Sweater

High neck sweater is nice, lovely and elegance, yes, it is. But step back and think about it, why do you need a sweater at the first place? Or consider it the other way around, what could you gain from a high neck sweater? You might need it to keep you warm, but the ultimate answer could be, it makes you special. What makes you special, could be the design.

Patterns of sweaters might not as fancy as other apparels, such as coats, or off the shoulder tops. However, the design could be various.

Solid High Neck Knitted Sweater

For example, design of this red Solid High Neck Knitted Sweater is quite unique. It could be insane to wear a half sleeve sweater in early Spring, yes is might be. But a rose red half sleeves knitted high neck sweater can definitely make you a fashionista. what makes it interesting is that it could serve as a short skirt and you probably do not need other clothes to match your upper tops.

High Neck Wool Blend Knitted Sweater

Another instance is this High Neck Wool Blend Sleeveless Knitted Sweater. The design is simple. Nevertheless, the slit and its high neck is what makes this high neck sweater valuable.

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Cute Wool Blend High Neck Sweater

This pink and grey high neck sweater looks quite vivid

Cable Knit Wool Blend High Neck Sweater

A white cable knit pattern sweater looks lovely.

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