GYALWANA Designer Brand: Less Is More

Founder and designer of GYALWANA dresses, Wendy Cheung Yan Ting, was born in a middle class family. Influenced by her parents, who are passionate over paintings, she has fallen in love with arts and design since her childhood, and was keen to grow up to put on elegant party dresses.

dreaming princess GYALWANA

She chose Fashion Design and Marketing as her majors in college, where she laid a solid foundation for her career. After working in a Tokyo based fashion studio as designer for a few years, finally in 2010 she founded her own brand “GYALWANA”.funny girl GYALWANA

Wendy is well aware of the truth that LESS IS MORE. Therefore, GYALWANA dresses are iconic for the 3D cuts and the slim-fit design to accentuate women’s perfect curvy figure, but not sophisticated prints or layers. Here, let’s go through several best sellers of GYALWANA dresses.

3D Cut GYALWANA Dresses

This Wine Red 3D Cut Lantern Dress is suitable for all body shapes and for various occasions. The charming color and the silky texture also reflect the GYALWANA designer’s efforts to shape the feminine curve.GYALWANA Elegant Lantern Sleeve Sheath Dress

If you want a dress that is simple but extraordinary, the Grass green Sleeveless Sheath Dress will be your solid choice. With its cute shallow V-neck design and the close-fitting clipping, it helps you stand out in a brisk look. Choose statement earrings and rings to match the dress and reduce the sense of dullness.GYALWANA Green Color Sleeveless Sheath Dress

Chiffon GYALWANA Dresses

Slitting element always brings a hit. The Orange Solid Beaded Slit Midi Dress is lithe due to its chiffon sleeves and hemline. Moreover, the beads around the neck beautify your neckline and make the simple midi dress unique.GYALWANA Orange Solid Beaded Slit Midi DressBefore noticing this Vintage Style Chiffon Maxi Dress, I can’t imagine that how can a Baroque Printed Dress be chic and special. The turquoise A-line shirt dress design is classic and slimming while the Baroque print brings a feeling of vintage.GYALWANA Vintage Style Chiffon Maxi Dress

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7 thoughts on “GYALWANA Designer Brand: Less Is More

  1. Wendy : My name is Diane Dickman ( ( aka )
    I purchased Brand : GYALWANA Item 0014517001092 ( Wine Red Elegant Lanturn Sleeve Sheath Dress also Grand GYALWANA Item : 0014518603097 ( Floral Embroidered Sheath Midi Dress With Belt.
    Please send a authorization and return address to e-mail stated.
    Wendy: your designer collection is absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately to small for me. Please help with the authorization and return address, I have written several emails to VIPme with NO success. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Diane

      Thank you for loving our styles and sorry for not replying in time. I have passed the message to our customer service team and my colleague Jimmy will contact you by email. Please check your mailbox later.

      Thanks for choosing VIPme again and hope that you have an enjoyable shopping experience.


      1. Attention Erisa Tang, thank-you for a authorization and refund address. Tracking number is 1315 1560 0001 0041 7852. You will receive returned package by U.P.S.
        Package was shipped out Aug. 3 2016
        Thank-you so much for your corporation
        Diane E. Dickman

  2. Hi I am usually a size US 0. Can you please tell me the size listed on the website is US or Euro based?

    1. Hi Yvonne

      Thanks for your comment. Our size is U.S. based, you can use the filter to choose your size in some of our category, such as dresses. Besides, we have the size chart that could help you to choose your perfect size. There is one thing however, most of our designers are Asians or Asian decedents, thus, the size might be running a bit smaller. If I were you, I would pick a size 2 on VIPme.

      Enjoy your shopping.

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