Green Carpet, the core of Green Fashion

Red carpet is one of the most significant events for pop stars, while most of the events are filled with artificial material. Is it still the time that we admire and appreciate for real? It is not the best of times, yet, we are progressing on the red carpet. From red to green, the color itself does not matter, the spirit does.

Stella McCartney's Protrait
Stella McCartney’s Protrait

What we mean by green carpet is that attendants are willing to wear faux fur, instead of real fur. Sustainable development is the spirit of the change, the core of green fashion. For instance, Emma Watson’s graceful black evening dress was made up of recycle plastic bottles. While her color block top was from organic cotton, which would not generate toxic chemicals and it was good for the environment and worker’s health.

Emma Watson on Red Carpet

The fashion of green carpet is led by Stella McCartney, the first designer who promotes it. The once popular star shoes, the Falabella Bag are from McCartney. Her designer works are stunning, more importantly McCartney leads the consciousness of the concept green fashion and eco-friendly material. Return to the nature is the true gracefulness and elegance. Instead of using animal related materials, McCartney chooses quality sustainable fabric which is as good as fur.

Star Shoes From Stella McCartney


The Wake of consciousness


Her persistence of environmental protection has been grown since she was a kid. Stella McCartney’s father, Paul McCartney was a member of the Beatles. While her mother, Linda Louise was a famous U.S. animal rights activist. Simultaneously, Stella McCartney is a vegetarian, which might be another reason why she pays so much attention on environmental preservation.

Stella McCartney and Her Chloe Design

McCartney designed her first jacket when she was 11. It is said that the jacket was fill with natural elements, which could be her first milestone in green design. When she was 15, McCartney learned from Christian Lacroix in France and became the creative director of Chloe in her 24. After taking charge in Chloe, style of the brand had been switched from elegant Greek style to nature admiration. From then on, Chloe has attracted a large number of fashionistas who share the common value of environmental saving.

Stella McCartney and Her Horse in Scotland

The Fur Free Gucci


When Gucci attempted to recruit McCartney for the first time, she rejected the offer and said she would not give in in sustainable material, instead of killing animals for fur. Eventually Gucci accepted her concept and launched a brand named after McCartney. The designer brand Stella McCartney applies Fur Free Fur in most of their winter and fall products. That should have been recognized as a revolution in fashion weeks.

Stella McCartney Fur Free Fur
Stella McCartney and Her Green Design in Chloe

McCartney has been pursuing organic material and the use of recyclable energy. In her office, all the bags are biodegradable and the store in London uses wind power to supply its electricity. Even in their lately launched store in Dallas, Taxes, solar power is employed.

No Fur is Stella McCartney Believe

As a mother of four kids, McCartney has launched a brand and named after one of her daughters. Environmental saving is the spirit that she wants to spread out not only among adults, but also among kids.

Designer Brand Stella McCartney Named After Her Daughter
White Faux Suede Notched Lapel Biker Jacket
Khaki Faux Leather Lapel Zip Front Jacket
Black Faux Fur Pu Leather Jacket
Beige Faux Fur Casual Sweater
Gray Faux Fur Casual Sweater
Navy Blue Stand Collar Faux Leather Jacket

As a true follower of green fashion and environmental preservation, VIPme has launched a Flash Sale for winter fashion, which contains faux fur apparel, instead of real fur. Animal killing will never make fashion fashionable or classy, but protecting will.

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