Fur Coat, Enemy of the Cold

Gotta admit that wearing a fur coat could be a bit too fancy, especially an over-sized Rose Quartz or Serenity coat. However, imagine all the hottest fashionable elements in 2016 are gathered on your coat, it could be more than just tempting.

fur coat is quite cool in winter

Indeed, it is really difficult to dress up decently in a freezing morning, and do not forget the 20 inches snow left by Jonas. Nevertheless, there is one way you could keep warm but remain lovely and comfortable. A fur coat, is the answer that you are seeking and it could put you under the spotlight.

fur coat can make you a superstar on the street

Seasonal Dressing is the number one rule of matching. It is not saying that anti-seasonal clothing is inappropriate, but usually seasonal dressing is relatively good looking, while fashionista would be more comfortable in terms of wearing. Therefore, in such a freezing day, a furry and warmzy coat could be your best option in these post-Jonas days.

a fur coat could servce warm keeping and elegance at the same time

As we have mentioned, Rose Quartz and Serenity is colors of the year, which were announced by Pantone, so doubtlessly, a Rose Quartz or Serenity would be fairly popular in this winter.

Serenity fur coat is another hot design

In case you cannot get a Rose Quartz or Serenity fur coat, how to match coat with your bags is significant. A fur coat could be easy matching, if it allocates with gray, black or even red color bags. Besides, types of the bag could also determine how the collocation works. Usually shoulder bag and clutch bag could match with a fur coat pretty well. The logic is a hug probably over-size coat should match with relatively smaller bags, otherwise it could be bloated, and not as elegant as bring a smaller bag.

gray fur coat could work with black cross body bag well

gray fur coat can also match with red cross body bag

Now you could find these elegant and easy matching shoulder bags and clutches on VIPme.com in reasonable prices. Check it up and become a superstar with your fur coat. FYI, register now and claim your $15 coupon with no cost.

vipme elegant red shoulder bag vipme elegant black shoulder bag


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