For Style, Put your Down Jacket On

There must be a down jacket in your closet to fight against the cold in winter. Besides, it is not likely that you would be recognized during winter when you wear a down jacket. Down jacket seems to have no connection with style. However, when look at these jackets matching, it’s quite obvious that a thick or probably dull jacket could be stylish.

this collocation is lovely, especially with the down jacket
Sweaters + Camouflage jacket + jeans + thick soled boots + knitted hats

Sweaters + Camouflage jacket + jeans + thick soled boots + knitted hats

About style: mixing up camouflage jacket and other clothes shows an energetic casual style.


army green is hot in 2016, it works on down jacket as well
Camel pointy shoes + skinny jeans + green jacket + baseball cap

About style: This short jacket, with a sense of masculine and dashing, matches skinny jeans and highlights a pair of high-heeled shoes.



this sort of medium short down jacket looks really cool
Striped shirt + down jacket + knitted pants + thick heel shoes

About style: This appearance looks good although it’s a sort of common. The striped shirt and knitted pants could keep warm and be attractive.



blue down jacket is lovely
sweater + dress + boots + bag + pantyhose down vest + belt

About style: A vest jacket works as a coat and the belt also shows her waist.



green down jacket is a popular product in 2016
Sweater + jeans + pointy boots +down jacket+ scarf + bag

About style: An over-size down jacket matches with stylish skinny black jeans and boots.



black down jacket shows your slimness
Sweater + tight pants + boots + down jacket coat

Talk about style: This down coat shows a different style. Plaid jeans, a normal t-shirt and a coat are good enough could keep the cold and wind away.



an over-size down jacket is really fashionable
T-shirt + long down jacket coat + belt + skinny jeans

About style: What do you think about this super long profile of coat? To put a T-shirt and jeans on, with a leather belt around her waist is quite creative.



a nude down jacket could be quite easy to match
Sweater + color mosaic jacket coat + tight leather pants + rough heels + color mosaic handbag + knitted hats

About style: elegant formal jacket equipped with a simple-designed-sweater and leather pants is what stylish really about.



a light blue down jacket could make you look more vivid
Leopard shirt + hooded down jacket coat + wide-leg pants + thick heels + knitted hats + shoulder bag

About style: The design could be more slender. Light blue with down jacket looks refreshed.



down jacket black, matches with red and white
Shirt + jacket coat+ pleated skirt + Suede Boots

About style: shirts, pleated skirt, ankle boots are fashionable. Putting them together makes a lot of sense. The red color makes you looked more dynamic and energetic.



Alexander Wong

Alexander Wong is a fashion blog writer who spent more than six years in Hong Kong and Singapore, which are the heart of the fashion industries in Asia. Alexander has read and writen fashion related articles since 2010 and gained extensive knowledge over luxury goods and matching.

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