FLENKIY Designer Brand: Floral Revolution

Mentioning Summer time, lush flowers come first. The newborn designer brand, FLENKIY is well-aware of the magic of floral prints. Its designer, Cecilia Wong used to be an illustrator who had a great interest in floriculture. Thus, after switching her job into a fashion designer, she uses a large amount of gorgeous floral elements to emphasize the feminine charm.

chiffon floral dresses

Today I am going to share with you the best floral printed dresses from the FLENKIY Designer Cecilia. The thing is that no matter what, you will always brighten up your look with these lovely and awesome patterns.

FLENKIY Sleeveless A-line Dresses

Floral prints are not limited to colorful outfits. The black and white floral embroidery pattern on this Contrast Color Hollow Lace Sleeveless Mini Dress is modest in contrasts to the bright orange skirt. Along with the simple high waist A-line clipping, the dress suits to any kind of body shape.

FLENKIY Contrast Color Hollow Lace Sleeveless Mini Dress

This Embroidered Silk Dress leaves us a sharp image with its sharp image between lemon yellow floral prints and black background. Different from the gaily tropical and the classical pastoral floral patterns, the dark FLENKIY A-line dress brings out the mysterious and cool charm.FLENKIY Embroidered Silk Midi Dress

FLENKIY Half-sleeve Midi Dresses

Plum blossom pattern has been a symbol of grace and nobility in oriental traditional culture. This Floral-print Silk Midi Dress is unique in presenting an elegant and lithe style. As its texture is 100% Chinese silk, it is snug especially in the summer heat.
FLENKIY Floral-print Silk Midi Dress

In FLENKIY designer Cecelia’s another design, she applies peony blossom and peach prints in an ink-wash painting style. What make the Printed Slit Silk Midi Dress stand out are the single breasted collar and the transparent silk slitting hemline.

FLENKIY Printed Slit Silk Midi Dress

Give floral prints a try in this summer if you want a touch of beauty and romance in your wardrobe. More lovely FLENKIY dresses can be found on VIPme. Now we are offering our privileged blog readers VIPme Coupon Code 2016. Don’t miss the VIPme special discount!

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