Flash Sales Platform VIPme Launches a New Coupon Campaign

Perceptions of the spectacular rise of the flash sales business model have become jaded, as women once again begin to embrace the pursuit of the best and newest fashion apparel and accessories. Some platforms, including Rue La La (Ruelala.com) and Zulily.com, have navigated these changes. But for new arrival VIPme (www.vipme.com), now is the time to draw on VIP principles to reconnect with the women who run the world, and to get to the heart of their aspirations. Right now, a new user can calm a $15 coupon with no cost as soon as the registration is done.

register on VIPme.com now and get a $15 coupon

Lately, after releasing a series of promotion, VIPme has announced a new campaign for the sake of attracting more new users to enjoy the unique online shopping experience. From now till 24 of Feb, a new register is entitled to claim a $15 coupon with just several clicks. While the coupon will not expire until 29 of Feb.

With a desire to reposition flash sales as a practice that requires discernment and nuance, VIPme is set to enter the fray in the North American market from the beginning of 2016. Savvy women across the waters are being called out to realize their own vision of what it means to be a VIP, and to shine in their own eyes.

Unlike competitors that pursue aggressive sales promotions to tap the lower end of the market, VIPme will focus its efforts on providing a rich experience to a broad spectrum of consumers, that references the ethos behind the brand. VIP is not a “thing,” a specific person, a word, or a title. It is an elevated experience that extends into the service being afforded to online shoppers.

VIPme will offer distinguished products; this means carefully curated, runway-fresh, and reasonably priced offerings that enhance the individual in a way that doesn’t scream penny pincher. The platform will feature a comprehensive array of designer label products, sexy lingerie, comfortable underwear and other select apparel & accessories, recreating the pleasure of an offline shopping experience online. These offerings will eventually be expanded to include home products and curiosity-piquing gadgets, broadening the horizons of self-expression.

As part of the platform’s unveiling to the North American market, VIPme will be inspiring shoppers with eight lavish themes in the run-up to Valentine’s Day that project the qualities of a VIP lifestyle.

The VIPme official has launched since January 2016, with new product releases rolling out over the proceeding weeks. VIPme welcomes women to tease their wardrobes with new lingerie, accessories, handbags and purses, with extra-special launch discounts and new product lines following thereafter. VIPme’s quest for success looks to make this e-commerce model à la mode once again.


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