Fire in winter: Why you should have a red coat

People in North America would like to dress up in red to show more enthusiasm and vitality during winter. It is said that female who wear red coat could make them feel more confident when they are facing difficulties.

Red coat could be elegant and vivid at the same time
A red coat in winter could attract lots of attention

Red, to be considered as energetic and lucky, is still one of the dominant colors in design industries. Red is sharp and hot specially in winter, which could always receive attention from others. While red coats are probably indispensable in every female’s closet.

Besides, red coat is easy to match with. It would be great no matter you are in shirts, slip dress, normal shoes or over-keen-boots. Now, go through the following images to check if they could inspire you.

Wearing a red coat is like a fire on the street A red coat can make you a superstar in winter

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