Fashion Week, Voice of Industries

Fashion weeks are presentations of top designers, are the voice from the fashion industries. There are four world famous fashion weeks, except for Paris and Milan Fashion Week, two of the most significant financial centers in the west, London and New York, are also origins of fashion. There are slight differences between these four fashion weeks. In London and New York Fashion Weeks, new designers and products for average fashionistas rule the show.

New York Fashion Week

The London Fashion Week – New Prominent Designers and Highly Individualized 

The London Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held in London, twice a year, in February and September respectively. The fashion show indicates the orthodox as well as novelty.

london fashion week is famous for Orthodox and novelty

The British have many long-standing brands, such as BURBERRY, DAKS, AQUASCUTUM, etc. Most of the British established brands persist in their “British faith”. Thus, those new prominent fashion companies influenced by the open educational concepts of Central Saint Martins cannot be incompatible with these brands.

london fashion week is a great platform for new designers

london fashion week emphasis individualism

In recent years, the London Fashion Week released the situation of the outflow of talents and intends to build a new image by showing more individuality of clothing.

The New York Fashion Week -Most Reachable

The New York Fashion Week, held in February and September of each year, is a semi-annual series of events, which generally last for 7–9 days. This international fashion collection is shown to buyers, the press, and the general public.

New York Fashion Week is the most reachable fashion show

Due to the Second World War, the fashion practitioners in the States had no access to the Paris Fashion Week. The first New York Fashion Week was held in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert, director of the New York Dress Institute, which was the first promotional organization of American fashion industries. Compared with the other three Fashion Weeks, the fashion show in New York is the most common event without many leading brands. That is the reason why it is labeled as the most reachable.

Products from New York Fashion Week are good to wear on streets

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