Farewell to Humdrum: To choose the right color

If your closet is still filled with black, white or camel, obviously you need to be more colorful and charming. Put some color on and be the most attractive one on the street.


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A fashionable lady matches green with pink

Green + Pink

Retro dark green with pink, the conflict of aesthetic tells what beauty is. Like Eva Chen’s dress, the pink has broken the monotonous. With a pair of fastened and color-printing short boots, they seem extraordinarily fashionable.

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Matching yellow with brown is quite sharp

Yellow + Brown
Winter with vibrant yellow makes you as a special one. Lovely combination of yellow and brown could drive gloomy and cold of winter away. This matching makes you more poetic and modern.


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The collocation of red and nude has quite a visual impact

Nude + Red

Classic Nude-colored shirt and red pattern mini-skirt could make your day. She looks pretty exquisite and slim.


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These two colors could be quite similar, but the combination works well

Dark green + Dark blue

Dark green is an originally dull color, but after matching dark blue, stylish and fashionable happens. The overall appearance is simple, leisure and creative.


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It’s quite stunning that two bright colors match together

Red + Blue
Red and blue are bright colors and could sharpen your appearance. With a sense of structuring, this matching easily illustrates a graceful female image. The lady’s oversize red shirt and blue fishtail skirt are very eye-catching that made her look so elegant and charming.


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A fashionable but elegant presence from an office lady

Cowboy blue and lake green

Cowboy blue and lake green’s combination easily leaves others an impression of calm and wise. Therefore, mature lady would have a particular preference for these pair of colors. Asian Fashion blogger Margaret Zhang wears lake green straight skirt with long fringe blue denim jacket. That makes Margaret looked very tall. Bare color heels and furry gray handbag makes her even more mature.


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The dark green fringed dress and a dark green hand bag corporate perfectly with a blue shirt

Blue + Green

Blue sweater with the green stripe pleated skirt looks simple and agile, emphasizes the attractiveness of women in the workplace. The combination of the dark green handbag and skirt is another great match.


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It looks quite young if you match nude and red

Red + Nude

Red with nude is a classic combination which appears in ladies daily collocation quite frequently. Red has a disintegration of dim magical effect, which could quickly make a lady the most eye-catching gentlewomen on the street. Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wears red coat which brighten the nude color. Nice and warm little jacket is pretty elegant, young and energetic.


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