Emma Stone’s La-La-Lovely Styles in La La Land & Where to Find Them

Record-tying fourteen Oscars nominations, record-breaking seven Golden Globe wins, overwhelmingly beautiful music, and almost universal acclaim… Yes, I am talking about La La Land. Everybody is talking everything about this historic film everywhere. And one of the most gorgeous things about it is the clothing worn by Emma Stone’s character, Mia.


Emma Stone showed the classic Hollywood style in La La Land in the most colorful and simplest way. The costume designer, Mary Zophres, has worked for lots of influential films before, from The Big Lebowski and Fargo to True Grit and Interstellar. The inspiration for Mia’s wardrobe came from legendary stars like Julie Christie, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, and Katharine Hepburn. Now let’s have a look at these youthful and glorious styles.

Mia’s Yellow Dress


One of Mia’s most impressive looks in La La Land is this yellow dress from the poster. It was designed by costume designer Zophres, and the inspiration was taken from Matisse paintings and a yellow gown worn by Stone at the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The color looks so retro and starts to lead the trend of vintage yellow dresses.

Mia’s Coral Shirtdress


Every vintage-loving girl has a perfect shirtdress (or two or three), Mia included. According to designer Zophres, Mia’s vibrant wardrobe was a very purposeful choice. When talking about it in an interview with Fashionista, Zophres said, “Hopefully [the use of color] evokes some kind of emotion that lands in the subconscious or conscious.” Except for the color, the retro shirt collar also highlights Mia’s temperament.

Mia’s Emerald Dress


This beautiful emerald dress is also quite outstanding in the film, and part of an especially dreamy dance sequence. This look was inspired by an outfit worn by Judy Garland in the 1954 film A Star is Born. The color and the sweetheart neckline look amazing with Stone’s fair skin and red hair the — it’s no wonder Sebastian (Ryan Gosling’s character) can’t keep his eyes off Mia in this scene.

Mia’s Blue Dress


Like this blue dress, all of Mia’s styles seamlessly blend retro and modern trends, and fill women’s wardrobe with a rainbow of gorgeous vintage pieces.

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