Easter outfit, No More Bunny Pls

The annual exciting Easter is coming yet again. There are a number of icons of the festival, including rabbits, Easter Eggs and candy. Sunday Church service and family picnic are two of the most significant event on the day. But please, no more bunny outfit again.

easter Taylor-perfect-floaty-floral-dress

easter Taylor-perfect-floaty-floral-dress

Easter – Why always Bunny

By no offense but don’t you think, you should have changed the outfit on this Sunday after dressing up in the same Bunny style for years? Let me explain it on the other way round. Don’t you think you should buy a new clothing or at least a  new set of accessories after wearing the same outfit for years? Not to mention the Bunny somehow looks like the famous controversial magazine in the States.

Easter – What to Wear

easter vipme mini dress

easter vipme mini dress back

There are a bunch of ideas that might get you inspired. Think about the origin of Easter and the reason why Easter Eggs, bunny and all other stuff would become symbols of the festival. Rebirth is the answer. Pick something green or something related to flowers or lives would be your ideal options.

The above Sleeveless Floral Print Mini Dress is a lovely dress which can magically shows your body shape with just one belt. Colors and pattern of the skirt matches both the spring fashion and the celebration perfectly. More importantly, you can be stylish in one second with a cape or a bomber jacket if you live in the North.

Floral Sleeveless Round Neck Maxi Dress is another good option. The elegant Purplish Blue floral pattern collocates with the theme rebirth. While maxi dresses show your legs indistinctly. A pair of two inches high heel shoes highlights your advantages.easter vipme maxi dress

There are quite a lot of creative dresses and collocations to be discovered. Do not be lazy and copy others’ outfits without a second thought. Be true to yourself and enjoy your Easter.

easter Sweet Embroidered Semi Sheer Maxi Dress

easter Plus size Botton Down Floral Mini Dress

easter Floral Patterned Long Sleeve Mini Dress With Belt

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