Distinguishing Satchels from Other Handbags

Can you tell satchels from other types of handbags? Satchels are for both men and women; they are both practical and fashionable. Today we will help you distinguish how a satchel is different from others, knowing the functions and give you some buying tips on it.

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Special features of Satchels

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Satchels are large bags with one or two long straps that cross the body so the bag rests on the opposite hip. Men usually use them to carry books and other equipment. Women’s satchel has evolved from traditional men’s satchel so the purse is not very feminine in appearance. In the old days, satchel had a single large compartment and a flap that closed with one or two buckles but nowadays a satchel has multiple compartments and pockets and close with snaps. Due to their size and sturdiness, a satchel is still mostly for holding books.

Practical or fashionable Satchels

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When you are deciding on what sort of satchel you want to buy, you need to ask yourself whether you want to buy a practical satchel (as in holding books) or a fashion accessory (just to look good). The first thing to decide is its size. The satchel should be compatible with a person’s size, especially for women. The fashionable satchel is pretty straight forward, they appeal to your sight as you look through them and you will make sure they are not too big when compared to your size. For practical satchels, they should hang at your hip level. The straps must be wide enough to carry the weight of the bag without digging into the wear’s shoulder.

Other buying tips for Satchels

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You can find many affordable and good looking satchels on VIPme. Quickly skim to your favorite color as you browse through the pages. Normally, a leather satchel is more expensive in price because they are better looking and durable. A subdivided interior helps keep track of small items while the traditional open structure works better for people carrying a couple of large books or equipment.

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